HBKU Press News


Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press Publishes New Article Detailing Impact of Job Satisfaction on Nurses' Work Lives
May 4 2020

Head of Journals and Academic Publishing at HBKU Press Publishes Research Highlighting Positive Environmental Impact of COVID-19
April 13 2020

Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press Publishes Proceedings from the International Meeting on Advanced Technologies in Energy and Electrical Engineering
March 3 2020

Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press Publishes Proceedings from Qatar’s First Critical Care Conference
February 3 2020


HBKU Press Highlighted During 2019 Open Access Week as Pioneers in Publishing for Arabic Research
October 25 2019

HBKU Press’s QScience Publishes Research on BMI Increase and Prevailing Obesity Among Qatari Adolescents
August 28 2019

HBKU Press’s QScience Publishes Research on the Negative Effects of Mental Health Stigma in Qatar
July 15 2019

Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press Partners with Enago to Offer Manuscript Preparation and Publication Support Services
January 20 2019


HBKU Press launches QScience Collections to Boost Research Impact
April 26 2018


QScience Connect explores the role of translation in bridging cultural and societal gaps in the Arab world
July 26 2016

HBKU Press to Publish 4th International Whale Shark Conference Proceedings
May 16 2016


Qscience.com Collaborates with Kudos to Boost Research Impact
November 3, 2015

QScience.com and Qatar National Library Celebrate International Open Access Week in Qatar
November 2, 2015

QScience.com Publishes Glossary of English-Arabic Biological Terms
September 25, 2015

Nature Publishing Group and Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals partner to highlight the best of research from QScience.com
September 15, 2015

QScience participates in special Libraries Association’s Annual Gulf Conference in Abu Dhabi
March 22, 2015

International Review of Law publishes a special issue on Sovereign Wealth Funds
March 5, 2015


University College London in Qatar and Qscience.Com open up access to Archaeological Research in the Middle East and beyond
December 15, 2014

QScience.Com Celebrates International Open Access Week In Qatar
November 11, 2014

QScience.com’s Qatar Medical Journal now indexed on PUBMED Central
July 7, 2014

Qscience's Christopher Leonard joins respected Council of Committee on Publication Ethics
June 25, 2014

Georgetown University Qatar students launch political science journal on QScience.com
May 31, 2014

International Review of Law Publishes A Special Issue On Domestic Violence
May 10, 2014

QScience's Global Cardiology Science and Practice Journal now Indexed in PubMed Central Database
April 8, 2014

QScience to adopt Rubriq’s Independent peer review process to speed publication time and increase trust
February 17, 2014

Publication charges for QScience Connect waived for authors with ORCIDs
February 13, 2014


WCMC-Q launch Innovations in Global Medical and Health Education – an international health journal from QScience.com
December 5, 2013

QScience.com Journals Now Indexed In DOAJ
July 10, 2013

Global Cardiology Science & Practice publishes Issue 5 on QScience.com
April 27, 2013

Journal of Local and Global Health Science publishes Volume 2013 on QScience.com
March 17, 2013

QScience makes it easier to comment and share research
March 10, 2013

International Review of Law Journal publishes its Second Issue on QScience.com
February 26, 2013


QScience now publishing Open Access ebooks
December 23, 2012

QScience announces launch of online collection for COP18
December 2, 2012

QScience makes it easier to measure impact of research
November 25, 2012

QScience to preserve e-journals with Portico
November 11, 2012

Qatar Sustainability Network successfully launched to enhance research and sustainability
October 24, 2012

QScience.com publishes review on Qatar’s past, present, and future economy
September 26, 2012

QScience.com cardiology journal announces name change and publishes third volume
July 11, 2012

How QScience.com uses cookies
May 27, 2012

International Review of Law publishes first articles
May 27, 2012

Conference Proceedings the latest service from QScience
May 9, 2012

QScience Connect articles now on Github
April 19, 2012

Study provides first scientific evidence of actual age of Qatari Petroglyphs
April 5, 2012

Study shows quad biking accidents are rising rapidly in Qatar
March 29, 2012

Study highlights the influence of cultural and social factors on healthy lifestyle for Arabic women
February 5, 2012

Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals Named Among Top 31 Hot Emerging Companies of 2011
January 30, 2012


Qatar Foundation and QScience.com host an International Scholarly Publishing Initiative
December 15, 2011

QScience Connect Redefines Scholarly Journals
December 12, 2011

Freshwater algae provide vital snapshot of environment on Yemeni island
December 6, 2011

QScience Connect publishes first articles, debuts new functionality
December 1, 2011

Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals signs Open Access agreement with Max Planck Society
October 26, 2011

BQFJ launches new journal International Review of Law
October 13, 2011

QScience.com offers a fresh, digital approach to research publishing
September 1, 2011

OASPA welcomes new member Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals
July 25, 2011

QScience.com set to connect research with the world
July 18, 2011

BQFJ launch groundbreaking new journal QScience Connect
June 30, 2011

Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals welcomes the decision of key research funders to launch their own open access journal
June 30, 2011

Middle Eastern research has a new portal to the world
June 17, 2011

QScience.com from Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals preserves journals with the CLOCKSS Archive
June 8, 2011

BQFJ launches Aswan Heart Centre Science and Practice Series
April 20, 2011

BQFJ launches Tassmeem
March 21, 2011

What is QScience.com?
February 3, 2011


BQFJ launches scientific journals platform
December 5, 2010

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