QScience makes it easier to measure impact of research

25 November 2012

QScience.com has acquired a valuable new tool which will provide its users with comprehensive information related to research articles. In partnership with Altmetric.com, the QScience.com platform will now offer useful indicators that can measure and track the impact of research through page views, news mentions, and social shares from Facebook and Twitter.

QScience.com is proud to join a growing number of publishers who are making the usage data of individual articles, often referred to as article-level metrics or altmetrics, freely available to users. By combining all online discussions about a specific paper, scientists will be better able to gauge what their peers find interesting and worth sharing. Authors and research funders who publish with QScience.com can monitor the level of attention that their articles are receiving from many sources.

Paul Coyne, Technical Systems Director at QScience, said, “The availability of altmetrics for QScience.com articles is an important step forward for research publishing in the region. The discovery and sharing of research papers has moved to the online environment and I believe that we have a duty of care to our authors and their funders to measure, as comprehensively as possible, the impact of the papers that we publish on their behalf. Our partnership with Altmetric.com helps us to do that.”

Citation data is pulled from Web of Science, CrossRef and Scopus and is updated daily. The counts for each article link out to a citation list. Readers can see the total views of an article, both in HTML and in PDF formats, while tracking the cumulative count on any given day using an interactive graph.

News, blog posts, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit bookmarks data are provided by Altmetric and updated hourly using Altmetric’s application programming interface (API). Altmetric is supported by Digital Science, a Macmillan company focused on technology to aid scientific research. Blog and Google+ lists link out to the original posts, and news links out to the original article. In addition, a world map shows the number of tweets per country.

Euan Adie from Altmetric.com said, “QScience.com were among the first publishers to pick up on the value of article-level metrics and so we’re very pleased to be working with them. Authors and readers can now benefit from being able to see all of the conversations around an article in one place, helping to assess the impact an article has had and making it easier to find and respond to feedback.”

Article-level metrics are available for all research articles published since 2011 and are openly accessible to all. QScience.com’s advanced technology makes research findings readily accessible and searchable using multimedia functionalities to support text, data, audio and video formats. It is also the first scholarly research platform to make journal abstracts available in both English and Arabic.

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