Registration and signing in

Do I need to register or sign in to access the site?

No, you can browse and search the site for free. Some features such as signing up for alerts or saving your searches will require you to register or sign in.

Why would I want to register on the site?

Registering your profile on the site allows you to use features such as setting and managing alerts, marking an item as a favourite and saving searches.

How do I register on the site?

Please click on the account_circle icon in the top navigation. You can then either sign in if you have an existing username/password or register to create your profile on the site.

I am unable to sign in to the site with my username/password.

Please ensure that you have typed your username/password correctly. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive. If you have previously registered and cannot recall your username or password please click on this link to retrieve your username or reset your password.

Managing your profile

How do I make changes to my profile information?

Please click on the perm_identity icon in the top navigation and then click on the My Profile link in the displayed menu. Please click on the "Change password" link to change your password. Please click on the "Update profile" link to update your personal information for example your name and email address.

What are Favourites and how do I use them?

Favourites are a personalised list of all the things you have found interesting and would like to come back to for future reference. A favourites list will be created for you at the point where you register on the site. To add items, browse the site and when you find something you'd like to add, click the "Add to favourites" button, which you'll find under the Tools menu on the right-hand side of each content page.

What types of email alerts are available?

You can create alerts to be notified when new content is added to the site and when new content is added to a title e.g. a new issue alert. You can also create alerts around particular searches for when new content is later added that is relevant to your search query.

How do I sign up for new content email alerts?

There are two ways to sign-up for alerts. Firstly, you can select an alert from the options on the right hand side of the page. If you are not signed into a personal profile, you will then be prompted to either sign-in or register. An alert will then be setup, which you can manage through ‘My Profile’. Alternatively, you can go to My Profile directly and access the option to setup different types of alert e.g. select Add new content alerts and then mark which publications you would like to receive alerts for.

How do I delete email alerts?

To remove an alert, go into ‘My Profile,’ select the type of alert you’ve created (e.g. for a subject or an individual publication) and view the list of your current alerts. Uncheck the alert you no longer wish to receive.

Can I save searches and receive search alerts?

Yes. Whenever you conduct a search, when you are logged in you will see an option to ‘Save this search’ (in the dropdown under Tools at the top of the search results). Clicking on this link will take you to the searches part of your ‘My Account’. Under the tab ‘Search history’, select the checkbox next to your recent search, choose from the dropdown where you want to save the search (as an individual item or a new folder) and click ‘Go’. This will save the search into the Saved Searches tab.

All searches that are conducted within a particular session are also stored in the Search history, which you can find under 'My Account'. You can permanently save any searches from the history as well as creating alerts from them.

You can also create an email alert to be notified when new content relevant to your search becomes available.

Search help

How do I search for content on the site?

Please click on the search icon in the top navigation menu. This will allow you to enter search terms which will search the content across the site. You will also be provided with autosuggest functionality which will provide search suggestions for your terms.

How do I carry out Boolean searches on the site?

Boolean searching is supported in the site. This allows you to combine search terms in the following ways

  1. AND - This is the system default, meaning that in your search strings in the keywords fields you do not have to type the word AND. For example if you are looking for environment AND tourism you can just type in the words environment tourism in the search field. The system will look for the documents which contain both these words.
  2. OR - If you type in or select the word OR, you will get results with either one of the search terms.
  3. NOT - This will exclude certain keywords or numbers totally from your search. For example labour relations NOT unions.

Please note that the AND, OR and NOT need to be typed in uppercase.

How do I carry out an exact search on the site?

Exact or phrase searching is supported in the site. This allows you to find words typed in that exact order in your results. Please enclose your search terms within double quotes to carry out an exact search for example "cardiac arrest".

Can I do wildcard searches?

Yes wildcard searching is supported in the site. Please use asterisks to perform wildcard searches. For example card* will return results containing cardiac, cardiovascular, cardiology etc.

How do I find articles by a particular author?

You can simply enter the author name into the quick search field. Alternatively you can click on the author name in the article page to carry out a search for content by that author. The advanced search form can also be used for this purpose.

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