Journal of Local and Global Health Science publishes Volume 2013 on QScience.com

17 March 2013

The Journal of Local and Global Health Science has published volume 2013 on QScience.com, the digital publishing portal for research journals. The Journal of Local and Global Health Science is a peer-reviewed international journal which publishes research on all aspects of both basic and applied research related to global health practiced in specific local environments, as well as the implications of local health issues in a global context.

All content in the journal is ‘open access’, meaning articles are free-to-read on the web and authors retain copyright on their works. Topics in this issue include breast cancer and possible mechanisms of therapy resistance, opposing facets or arsenic: toxin and anti cancer drug, and a paper on how disruption of circadian rhythm increases the risk of cancer, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease.

The Journal of Local and Global Health Science is committed to becoming a major forum for the advancement of evidence-based approaches that are likely to influence public health policy to improve the health of various communities around the world. Authors who want to reach an audience beyond traditional fixed locations will welcome this open-access platform, which accepts submissions in both English and Arabic and also provides abstract translations.

Dr. Dietrich Büsselberg, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Local and Global Health Science, said, “We are delighted by the broad attention and interest our journal receives by authors as well as by a wide global audience. This proves that our concept of explaining the local and global mechanisms involved in our well-being is well accepted. We are proud that our second volume has already been published and we are already looking forward and plan additional special issues on specific topics.”

Arend Küster, Managing Director of QScience, said, “We welcome the launch of this journal which further brings the discussion on critical health content in a global context to the research community. It further manifests the development of thought leadership and the ability to make Qatar a hub for the exchange of high quality health research information.”

QScience.com is a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. Alongside these articles, it has also introduced an online commenting facility, linked to the readers’ social media accounts, which allows for direct communication on the article with the author and other readers.

This new service adds to existing features, including article-level metrics, measuring downloads and citations, and the personalisation and mobile feature of the site which allows browsing of content and access to search alerts with Blackberry, iPhone and Android handsets.

QScience.com already hosts fourteen scholarly journals covering diverse subject areas such as information & library studies, sustainable energy, education, medicine and bioscience, Middle Eastern healthcare, design and Islamic studies. Many additional journals are scheduled for later this year.

About Qatar Foundation  
Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development is a private, non-profit organization that is supporting Qatar on its journey from carbon economy to knowledge economy by unlocking human potential for the benefit of not only Qatar, but the world. www.qf.org.qa

About QScience.com  
Launched in September 2011, QScience.com is a peer-reviewed online publishing platform that offers a unique and collaborative research environment for scientists in Qatar and the rest of the world. This new platform publishes a range of peer reviewed, high quality, open access journals, databases and repositories which adhere to international publishing standards.

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Bloomsbury Publishing Plc is one of the world's leading independent publishers. BQFJ is its second partnership with Qatar Foundation, the first Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing whose book publishing program was launched in April.   

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