HBKU Press launches QScience Collections to Boost Research Impact

26 April 2018

QScience.com, the online, open access platform of HBKU Press is providing a new service that helps increase the impact of published articles. QScience Collections is a forum of curated content from different sources, selected by experts in a given field, with the goal of maximizing the awareness and impact of published research findings.The aim is to support authors in exploiting digital communication to maximize the global influence of research published.

A collection will contain a number of peer-reviewed academic articles relating to a given topic; all articles will be chosen from journals that use the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 4.0). Moreover, each article contains Editor’s Comments, a small description of the relevance of the article, which will also allow readers to swiftly identify articles to read.

This represents HBKU Press’s commitment to the widening of access to major scholarly resources. Each volume within QScience Collections will have its own dedicated page with a table of content of the articles within the collection.  Readers will be able to download the QScience Collection as an e-book (PDF, ePub files) as well as order a printed copy via the print on the demand service.

In today’s digital environment, researchers consume information faster than ever before and are keen to share their outcomes and ideas. The world of academia is part of this trend and our end-users and authors now expect research to be easily discoverable, accessible and engaging. This publishing initiative will make it easy for readers to share an unprecedented wealth of scientific knowledge instantly with researchers and scientists across the globe.

Dr. Alwaleed Alkhaja, Senior Editor at HBKU Press said: “QScience Collections are  excellent examples of how Creative Commons licensing allows open access content to reach new audiences and to have a long-lasting impact beyond the initial publication. Moreover, we will be able to provide our readers with curated work and help them identify significant research in their fields. "

Dr. Dietrich Büsselberg editor-in-chief for the Journal of Local and Global Health Science said,"The "Collections" will highlight specific relevant topics. This is an excellent way to get actual information in a very compact form. This is not only important for scientists but also for non-scientists who are interested in current developments."

QScience.com, provides immediate, worldwide and free access to the full text of its peer-reviewed research articles and offers the gold road to open access for all of its journal articles.

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