Qscience.com Collaborates with Kudos to Boost Research Impact

03 November 2015

New Partnership Helps Authors Raise Visibility, Share Research And Maximise Article Influence QScience.com, the online platform of Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals’ (BQFJ), a collaboration between Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) and Bloomsbury Publishing, is collaborating with Kudos , a web-based service that helps maximise the visibility of published articles, to increase the impact of published articles. As a result of the partnership, the new service aims to support QScience.com’s authors in utilising digital communication channels to maximise the global influence of their research.  

The latest collaboration reflects the burgeoning research environment being fostered in Qatar and supports QF’s on-going mission to play a pivotal role in driving innovation and creating a life-long learning and interest in research.

Launched in July 2015 between QScience.com and Kudos, the service will provide researchers with a platform to increase accessibility and aid discoverability by simplifying and explaining content, uploading multimedia materials and distributing on social networks and email.

Arend Küster, Managing Director at QScience.com, commented: “In today’s digital environment, researchers consume information faster than ever before and are keen to share their outcomes and ideas. The world of academia is part of this trend and our end-users and authors now expect research to be easily discoverable, accessible and engaging. As a result, focusing on traditional impact factor alone is no longer enough as academics are increasingly measured on their wider influence.”

“The Kudos service provides an excellent solution to help our authors raise visibility, share research and maximise article influence. We are looking forward to collaborating with Kudos and supporting our authors to increase their impact,” added Küster.

Charlie Rapple, Sales & Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Kudos, added: “It is challenging for researchers, and their institutions and publishers, to keep track of efforts to increase research visibility and impact. By bringing together a range of publication metrics, and mapping these against communications in multiple networks, Kudos makes it easy to understand the best way to communicate around research. We are thrilled to be working with QScience.com, which is taking a similarly innovative approach to opening up the world’s research for broader audiences.”

QScience.com’s collaboration with Kudos affirms the company’s commitment to providing value-added services for its growing author base.

About Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals(BQFJ)
Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals (BQFJ), founded in 2009 as a unique collaboration between Qatar Foundation and Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, focuses on fostering scholarly and research communication. BQFJ publishes a range of peer reviewed, high-quality, open access journals, databases and repositories which adhere to the highest scholarly publishing standards.

About QScience.com
Launched in September 2011, QScience.com is a peer-reviewed online publishing platform that offers a unique and collaborative research environment for scientists in Qatar and the rest of the world. This new platform publishes a range of peer reviewed, high quality, open access journals, databases and repositories which adhere to international publishing standards.

Kudos provides a platform:
• for assembling or creating information (such as lay summaries or related multimedia) that helps readers filter the growing quantity of published research;
• for sharing such information (for example, via social media or email) to increase discoverability; and
• for measuring and monitoring the effect of both creating and sharing additional metadata and multimedia.

During its September–December 2013 pilot period, over 5,500 authors registered to use Kudos for explaining and sharing articles. Hundreds of lay summaries, impact statements, short titles and multimedia items were added to aid discoverability and make research easier to interpret. Authors and their publishers, institutions and funders benefit from the thousands of additional article views thus generated.

About Qatar Foundation – Unlocking Human Potential:
Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development (QF) is a private, non-profit organisation that is supporting Qatar on its journey from carbon economy to knowledge economy by unlocking human potential, for the benefit of not only Qatar, but the world.  Founded in 1995 by His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Amir, QF is chaired by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser.

QF’s work encompasses education, research and community development.  World-class universities are brought to Qatar to help create an education sector in which young people can develop the attitudes and skills required for a knowledge economy. At the same time, QF builds Qatar's innovation and technology capacity by developing and commercialising solutions through key sciences.  The Foundation also works to foster a progressive society while enhancing cultural life, protecting Qatar’s heritage and addressing immediate social needs in the community.

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