Volume 2022 Number 3
  • EISSN: 2223-506X


The world is ageing, and this phenomenon is found in almost all countries: low-, middle-, and high-income. Scholarship providing perspectives on ageing deriving from the humanities, arts and cultural gerontology has augmented our understanding of ageing and the life course. Over the past decade one can observe an increased focus in relevant publications relating to ageing and its treatment in the disciplines within the Humanities. At this session we offer the perspective of two editors responsible for the humanities, arts and cultural gerontology columns in their respective journals (Journal of the American Geriatrics Society and European Geriatric Medicine). We outline the vision, philosophy, criteria and opportunities for publishing in these journals. The session will deal with how best to submit articles to such columns with practical advice offered. We hope that this session will interest members from various disciplines associated with gerontology and the humanities. We look forward to students, faculty and researchers interested in learning how to publish in the most appropriate journals in humanities and aging also to attend.


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