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QScience Connect is an open access, peer-reviewed academic journal from HBKU Press. The journal is multidisciplinary accepts submissions from ALL fields. It publishes manuscripts which meet the simple criteria of being conducted in an appropriate and accurate manner for its field with conclusions concurrent with results, where appropriate. By placing less emphasis on perceived interest, we leave it to the readers to determine which articles are interesting based on usage and citations. It aims to provide a home for all research which is considered to be valid, conducted ethically, correctly, and with integrity.
We believe this is an ideal model for online publishing as all papers based on correct methods and valid findings will be afforded a home in a peer-reviewed journal. This includes interdisciplinary work that traditionally may have fallen between the aims and scopes of two journals.
As research across the world continues to grow and the output of academic papers is rising steeply, there is a fundamental resource problem as each paper requires two or three reviewers to determine if the work should be published. We aim to decrease the burden on peer reviewers, by making our requests to them as simple as possible. We simply ask them to determine if the work presented has been carried out in an appropriate way and that the results, positive or negative, are clear and accessible. This significantly decreases the time it takes to review an article.

Article Processing Charge: $995

Submission: submit your paper to [email protected] 

Why publish in QScience Connect Journal
Quality and speedy peer-reviewing for fast publication, professional copyediting of your article to ensure quality, online publishing of your article anytime of the year, highly discoverable publishing platform, your article is branded and promoted by HBKU Press. Articles are open access so they are freely accessible and widely disseminated.

Indexing: Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), CrossRef, EBSCO Host

Contacting us:
Journal Publisher: Dalia Heiba ([email protected]).

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