This study investigates soil temperature in Ghardaia based on the actual soil temperature as provided by the local meteorological data. The limestone soil is the most predominant type in the center and the east of Ghardaïa, whereas the western part is dominated by sandstone soil.The determination of soil temperature requires knowledge of the nature of the soil. It was found that if air temperature was used as an inputparameter, that would yield results of high accuracy compared with the actual measured soil temperature. The nature of the soil affects its temperature, as well as the dephasing and the penetration of the temperature signal. The proposed methodology was validated and tested on limited data set recorded over three years of soil temperature evaluated in a semi-arid climate, In this regard, measurements of climate data have been taken into consideration to estimate the soil temperature. The objective of this study is to compare the results predicted and calculated based on the measured meteorological data (solar radiation, humidity, etc.), and compare the results with those of soil temperature at the unit of application. The experimental results show that the model was highly qualified for estimating soil temperature with high performance accuracy.


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