The major issues of global warming and energy crisis are being discussed globally these days. The toxicity in the environment due to elevated CO concentrations in the atmosphere is increasing day after day. All promising savings of reducing CO generation, fossil fuels depletion, and control in energy price increments are achievable by the adaptation of eco-friendly energy-efficient material-based technology. The un-arrested heat (waste heat) discharge from energy-intensive industries like captive power plants, cement production, steel industry and oil-refineries has tremendous potential for multiple energy generation (heating-power & cooling) for further industrial process with dumped heat recovery. This paper explores an eco-friendly material (R134a), activated carbon-methanol based organic Rankine model and solar integrated vapor adsorption cooling system for waste heat utilization of a condenser unit in a steam power plant. The results of the proposed model analysis investigate the environmental parameters of the used material, the effect of the operating parameters and the cooling-power output.


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