In Germany, in August 2016, the first institution in further education in LIS has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 29990:2010 certification. ISO 9001 is the most comprehensive ISO norm in scope. It focuses on confirming process conformance from the initial development of a product. And, the ISO certification is expected to help organizations to enhance quality and efficiency, improve communications, achieve competitive advantage and reduce costs. (ISO, 2015) The ISO 29990 standard aims to improve quality of learning services and facilitate comparison on a worldwide basis. Learning services for non-formal education and training, the basic requirements for service providers, will also enhance transparency and allow comparison on a worldwide basis of learning / continuing education services, offering a single alternative backed by international consensus to the huge variety of national service and (management) standards which now exists in the field of non-formal learning (continuing education). (ISO, 2010)


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