The Passivhaus building standard is a concept developed for the realization of energy-efficient and economical buildings with a simultaneous high utilization comfort under European climate conditions. Major elements of the Passivhaus concept are a high thermal insulation of the external walls, the use of heat and/or solar shading glazing as well as an airtight building envelope in combination with energy-efficient technical building installations and heating or cooling generators, such as an efficient energy-recovery in the building air-conditioning. The objective of this research project is the inquiry to determine the parameters or constraints under which the Passivhaus concept can be implemented under the arid climate conditions in the Arabian Peninsula to achieve an energy-efficient and economical building with high utilization comfort. In cooperation between the Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), Barwa Real Estate (BRE) and Kahramaa the first Passivhaus was constructed in Qatar and on the Arabian Peninsula in 2013. The Solar-Institut Jülich of Aachen University of Applied Science supports the Qatar Green Building Council with a dynamic building and equipment simulation of the Passivhaus and the neighbouring reference building. This includes simulation studies with different component configurations for the building envelope and different control strategies for heating or cooling systems as well as the air conditioning of buildings to find an energetic-economical optimum. Part of these analyses is the evaluation of the energy efficiency of the used energy recovery system in the Passivhaus air-conditioning and identification of possible energy-saving effects by the use of a bypass function integrated in the heat exchanger. In this way it is expected that on an annual basis the complete electricity demand of the building can be covered by the roof-integrated PV generator.


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  • Received: 22 April 2015
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