LEED criteria and indicators - Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design - spread locally, regionally and internationally in response to the call for energy conservation and the preservation of the environment, the resources and local development. The rating systems have been developed to illustrate the sustainability level attained by buildings according to the adopted elements of rationalization and achievement of green architecture.These indicators and standards which follow US standards need to be checked for their compatibility with the hot desert environment to ensure the realization of an energy efficient building in accordance to the efficacy of the local environment. The research deals with presentation of these criteria and indicators and their compatibility with the desert environment with its natural, social and economic components through the application of these standards in the administrative building at the newly constructed Jazan University , as well as an administrative building in Doha required to be presented to acquire the LEED certificate for the hot desert climate, and then infer sub-standards that are compatible with hot, humid and dry desert environment.


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  • Received: 22 April 2015
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