Sports facilities are particularly vulnerable to waste and inefficiency, both short term and many years into the future, from their operating systems to poor location to lack of legacy planning after special events are concluded. We believe that new stadiums, properly planned and developed, can be a catalyst to help develop sports in a the Middle East region so that the venue will have a life beyond the special event and have a lasting benefit for people within the community. With the large investments coming in for sports venues, there is even more of a focus into the longevity and legacy of the stadium. To assure that a stadium will have a lasting legacy and purpose, ROSSETTI has a unique approach to right sizing a stadium. This requires a modular component to a stadium, so that after a mega event like the World Cup, a stadium can be sized for the permanent tenant going forward. Return On DesignTM is ROSSETTI’s unique approach to every project generating value-oriented design solutions for our client’s investment. It’s the only tool that takes the guess work out of which upgrades will add value to fans because it’s customized for each individual client’s market, venue, ticket buyers and business goals. The real value is that it quantifies the investment and potential payback down to the dollar. We accomplish this by evaluating the fan and VIP experience, hospitality segmentation, sponsor opportunities and more, to supply value predictions based on hundreds of data sources. This puts into place revenue generating mechanisms into place to secure the financial enhancement of a facility, now and well into the future. While many firms say they do this claim doing that, ROSSETTI is the only firm that has a patented approach with detailed cost metrics from for over 10 years that will predict the return on investments, typically between two to four years. · We’ve worked with ownership at the Palace of Auburn Hills, home of the NBA Detroit Pistons, for over fifteen years on a series of renovations that continue to breathe new life into the arena while increasing revenue generation. · At Daytona International Speedy, sponsorship is critical to the event and venue. Our ‘fan injector’ entrances integrate sponsorship with fan experiences from the approach and throughout the venue. For new venues, Return on DesignTM can be used to develop revenue by planning the proper mix of product programming and sponsor opportunities right from the start. Conducted in the earliest phases, it prioritizes and customizes important design elements. For example, instead of finding walls on which to place LED sponsor boards, we design the sponsor activation experience into the venue. We recognize there is a delicate balance between selecting capital improvements for implementation and forecasting the prospects for generation of new revenue or improved fan and operations experiences. RODTM enables owners to make smarter decisions, resulting in a better experience with a higher return.


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  • Received: 22 April 2015
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