The College of Technology at the University of Houston together with Lone Star College proposes to develop a programs in Land Surveying Engineering Technology. The proposed program will address two goals 1) a certificate program to enhance the skill set of the associate degree graduates and 2) ultimately will lead to a BS degree in organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS). The certificate program consists of five courses. Theses five courses will be developed as college level courses that could be either used as a minor in Construction Management program or in Civil Engineering Technology program. In addition, the courses can be transferred into a BS program for those who seek to obtain a BS degree in OLS. The highlights of this program are the acceleration of skill enhancement of those land surveying field crew and office technicians and their re-development in Land Surveying based on the new technology and provide the opportunity for those who are choosing the Land Surveying profession as career. This program will provide skilled workforce to the Land Surveying Firms, Texas Department of Transportation, and other organization involved in Land Surveying. Once developed the certificate and BS degree programs will be available for adoption with interested institutions.


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  5. Department of Information and Logistics Technology, COT, UH .
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