The paper focuses on the role of a faculty who believes that being dedicated, thoughtful, and passionate is as important as being professionally competent. A faculty understands, encourages and supports students' individuality and is willing to listen and provide advice. The paper discusses the role of the professor in creating a positive environment where students feel comfortable being themselves, enjoying and appreciating the total experience of learning. The paper addresses relevant topics that supports teacher-students' relations, and as a consequence, does improve the learning environment. The aforementioned topics include: development of critical rationale for good teaching, taking account of learning styles, and how to teach responsively. In this environment, students feel that they are important, that their needs can be met, and that others experience joy and satisfaction in helping them meet their needs. In concluding, the author presents his own reflections as an engineering student and a faculty member. The author firmly believes that the only professor who belongs in a classroom is a professor.


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