Communication is the exchange of messages and ideas or attitudes, which is the most important way leading to a degree of understanding between two or more people, it is an essential part in every aspect of school life (Meskel 2007). Effective internal communication was the largest effective contributor to the successful organizational change, as it is a vital link in bridging the goals and vision of the organization (Victor, 2002). It is expected that there would be a relationship between the communication skills of the educational leader and the motivation of teachers toward performance. The National Conference on Education in Sudan, which was held in Khartoum in 2012, stated that teachers face several problems that have affected their motivation and performance. The weak performance of teachers still pursues educational outcomes for generations to come, which will affect the development of the country. Hence, strategic thinking on the issue with respect to rehabilitation of teachers should be considered (Conference of the National Education, 2012). Several previous studies addressed the importance of leadership skills and their role in achieving job satisfaction for employees. Some of these studies tried to determine the relationship between communication and some of the different variables, such as communication and school atmosphere (Rewson 2001), and communication and personal relationships (Rababa1996), and others. Furthermore, it was noted that these studies have emphasized the role of leadership in the development of educational institutions and defined the prevailing educational leadership and leadership styles and their impact on achieving institutional goals (Rahim 1996). This study will attempt to discover the communication skills of the educational leader and its relationship with the motivation of teachers. It also will try to fill in the gaps from previous studies, so that, God willing, it will contribute to pinpointing the relationship between the communication skills of the educational leader and the motivation of teachers. The following bodies are expected to benefit from this study: 1. Principals and educational departments. 2. Training institutions concerned with the training of managers and leaders. 3. Researchers and research institutions. 4. Education colleges and preparatory institutes that provide training for teachers. Research Query: What is the relationship between the set of communication skills of the educational leader and motivation of teachers? Objective: To determine the relationship between the communication skills of the educational leader and motivation of teachers. Methodology: A descriptive and analytical approach will be implemented due to its relevance to collecting material and data. Tools: A questionnaire will be used, following arbitration, as a tool to gather relevant information to this study. The theoretical framework: The theoretical framework of this study consists of two variables, communication skills of the educational leader as an independent variable, and the motivation of teachers as a dependent variable; and each variable includes a number of factors as in model (1). Limitation: Spatial boundaries: Primary schools are located in Omdurman - Khartoum State – Sudan Time limits: the academic year 2014 – 2015 Sample: Teachers of primary schools in Omdurman - Khartoum State


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  • Received: 30 April 2015
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