The aim of integrating multimedia in ODL materials and enhance access through mobile phones at the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), is to enable students who are scattered throughout Tanzania and outside the country overcome the challenges of accessing course materials. Currently OUT has a Learning Management System customized from MOODLE, known as Open University of Tanzania Learning Management System (OUTLeMS) which can be accessed through http://elms.out.ac.tz.

Implementation of the project to deal with this challenge involved customization of mTouch U software now called Open University of Tanzania mobile Learning (OUTmLearning - mlearning.out.ac.tz) that enabled activities of all 150 ODL courses including forum, assignment, glossary, resource details and charts available in OUTLeMS be accessed through mobile phones. In one complete ODL course (Multimedia Technology and Applications - OIT 208) in addition a video of a sign language interpreter has been added in one module within the course.

In situations with problems of internet and electricity power supply, these developments enable students in both urban and rural areas especially in remote parts including those with visual, hearing and physical impairment use mobile phones to access course materials while pursuing their studies. Females students faced with social constraints like taking care of the family are empowered to deal with difficulties of studying by being able to view study materials anywhere and anytime on their mobile phones.


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