Qatar Biobank (QBB), the first very large scale, long-term public biorepository in Qatar, is designed to build a powerful research infrastructure for future investigations of the lifestyle, metabolic and genetic risk factors by collecting comprehensive phenotypic baseline data among healthy volunteers, including ECG, blood pressure, anthropometry, spirometry, retinal imaging, carotid 3D ultrasound, arterial stiffness, total body iDXA, in addition to detailed personal lifestyle and clinical data. QBB collects and stores blood samples subdivided in 68 aliquotes for different future research purposes. Qatar Biobank understands that building a successful biobank depends on the willing participation of the public to come forward to contribute. The recruitment of participants requires insight into the public's existing knowledge of biobanking, level of willingness and an understanding of the motivators and barriers to participation. From December 2012 to June 2013, 503 participants completed anonymously a feedback form to evaluate their experience. The aim of this specific survey is to gain insight into recruitment methods, incentive to participate and satisfaction with various aspects of the visit. This will enable assessment of the processes of registration, scheduling, checking in, consent and reporting back results. Around 75% of those who completed the feedback form participated in QBB to improve the health of future generations and to have a comprehensive health checkup. 95% were willing to participate again if needed and 85% would recommend participation to friends and family. 87% and 95% thought the length of the questionnaire was appropriate and the questions not too intrusive, respectively. Finally, 91% found the staff welcoming, 89% rated the check-in process as "good" and 76% found scheduling an appointment straightforward. Further comments from participants suggested appreciation of the protection of confidentiality and privacy that was displayed throughout the process and that the process was smooth and enjoyable.


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