Statistics shows that more than 80 Qataris under the age of 24, die each year - and a large number are exposed to serious injuries - as a result of excessive speed and also because of reckless driving. This study aims to identify the factors which motivate the young to drive recklessly and practice risky behaviors, comparing the study results with other studies in different societies in order to develop knowledge about young people's risky behaviors, as well to develop intervention programs to change their concepts and attitudes. The study combined quantitative and qualitative analyzes. This included: - analyzing data which related to the traffic accidents - conducting a survey to gather information from 1000 young people - a case study of 50 young people who have frequent traffic violations - interviewing 5 fathers and 5 mothers whose sons practice risky driving - audience interviews (52 individuals) Study results showed that there are many reasons behind reckless driving, such as the age of the driver, parenting styles (the case study showed that the fathers encouraged their sons to drive a car during holidays), families allowing teenagers to drive before getting a driver's license, the young believing that speed and risky driving reinforce the confidence of the driver himself, the passengers' negative role on the young drivers. The study proposes an intervention program to reduce accidents by integrating young people who are applying for a driver's license into a training program.


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