One of the terms that cause confusion, suspicion, many conflicts and disagreement is "Islamic renewal". While renewal is legitimate and necessary, as admitted by the imams of Islam, this term has become a source of contention in recent times. Some have tried to give this term a strange mission and vision far from the truth and essence of Islam. One of the greatest fields where controversy erupts is the field of renewal of Islamic jurisprudence, where there are three different calls: The first call believes that the renewal of jurisprudence leads to alienation of religion. The second call, however, sees that the renewal of jurisprudence is legitimate. The third call is also calls for renewal, but the renewal of its vision - meaning reformulating doctrine and religion to something different from what it known of Islam throughout its glorious history - to make it subservient to the values of other civilizations and its concepts. Hence from that, the importance of this research to differentiate between "legitimate renewal" and the renewal which is alleged to undermine Islam. This research was divided into four sections and a conclusion. The first section deals with the concept of jurisprudence and its status and historical background. The second section addresses the concept of renewal of Islamic jurisprudence. The third section addresses some very important issues pertaining to renewal of Islamic jurisprudence. The fourth section is allocated to discuss "alleged renewal" and the conclusion records the most important results of this research.


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