Background: While technology comes from outside sources, ideas and concepts are quietly evolved in local Arabian society. With advanced channels of communication and ease of available technological tools, the young minds of Qatari women are ready to adapt to forthcoming challenges. The notion of storytelling in the digital realm among these young Arab women reflects the interplay of traditional culture, Western modernism and changes brought about by media industries. As a result, the way these young minds convey meaning in their moving images is also changing dramatically. These women adopt and use new media as a vehicle to maneuver their interesting and fresh ideas. Their thinking methodology has culminated in pragmatic and dynamic visuals which celebrate, inform or create awareness about issues of their surrounding world. They are creating new visual culture with freedom of expression and forcing themselves to transform into a meaningful workforce for the region. The intuitive context of these animations from these young minds incorporates the challenges of synthesizing multiple "dialect" and "codes" that have traditionally been segregated. This presentation shows how current technological tools embrace a contextual adjective, intangible cultural heritage and design thinking in a classroom setting. The presentation also highlights the pedagogical concerns of media industry in the region, from the dichotomies between intuitive and pragmatic instructional paradigm for the young Arab storytellers. Objectives: * To develop creative responses to the ways in which 3D/2D emerging technologies initiate the imagination for young minds; * To discuss the emotional and communicative aspects of visual narratives within the contextual paradigm; The central research question: Is emerging technology a meaningful factor of initiating a purposeful content creation? Results: The presentation will be showing the following outcomes developed by young Arab women: http://www.muqeemkhan.com/teaching/MIT%20395_12/index.html http://www.muqeemkhan.com/teaching/MIT393_sum_11/index.html http://www.muqeemkhan.com/teaching/MIT393_10/index.html


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