Background: Regeneration may be induced by various drivers or catalysts - such as the improvement of neighborhoods, the introduction of art and culture, the construction of iconic architecture, the reactivating of ecologies, the restoring of landscapes and archaeologies, the recycling of transport and industrial infrastructures, the revitalization of communities and economies. Good cities are dynamic and constantly reinventing themselves and Qatar has a number of existing or potential projects that can be classified as regeneration projects. Objectives: This research was carried out as part of a course in Design and Regeneration in the Master in Urban Planning and Design at Qatar University. The objectives were to understand the many definitions, typologies and processes of urban regeneration and to reflect on how these could relate to and be applied in Qatar, and to speculate on scenarios and strategies of development. Methods: Regeneration projects were examined through varied lenses and in different geographical and morphological contexts. A series of sites were then identified in Qatar which presented opportunities to apply a variety of types and strategies of regeneration. These included: Abu Nakhla Reservoir, West Bay, Al Jumail Village, Al Thakira Village and Mangrove Park and Labour Housing in the Industrial Zone. Site visits were conducted with faculty and experts, and data was collected. Results: The students developed regeneration plans and scenarios - developing future visions and strategies for their sites - that took into account national and city masterplans, cultural strategies of the QMA and the guidelines of the Qatar National Vision, as well as identifying the various stakeholders involved. The work was presented in a short video and a series of posters, as well as an online blog. Conclusions: One of the objectives of the course and research was to discuss what regeneration means in an emerging metropolis such as Doha and in a fast-growing economy like Qatar. The research and projects were successful in developing critical thinking and raising important questions concerning the concept of regeneration in Qatar and initiating an important discussion and the blog was initiated as an interactive tool for dissemination and debate.


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