A web-based application designed for the iPad which focuses on buildings designed for Doha across the decades.  Over the years, some of the greatest architects of their respective eras have designed buildings for Doha. These buildings were preceded by the local vernacular architecture, of which a few notable examples remain. Each of these buildings responds, in its own way, to the local climate and culture. More than any other single artifact, a building represents a culture's values and aspirations, socioeconomic conditions and construction techniques. Buildings project these attributes outward and become a means for a city or a nation to transmit its identity to others. It is not by accident that postcards of buildings are so common; an image of the city as represented by its architecture is disseminated outward across the globe.  These digital postcards represent a curated selection of noteworthy buildings that were designed for Doha. They range in time, location, use, style and built status. These categories allow for different means of sorting the information: into different eras (pre-oil, independence, realignment, or expansion), by architectural language or style (vernacular, modern, postmodern or contemporary); and by its current condition (built, demolished, unrealized or renovated). Part of an ongoing research project on the physical growth of Doha over time, 4dDoha: Buildings is an educational web-based application that focuses on the city's architecture throughout its history. Combining research, graphic design and interaction design, the iPad app allows users to sift through the data via a series of filters, while recording the users' choices on a projected map. Created by Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture faculty Kelly Hutzell and Rami el Samahy with research associates Adam Himes, Spencer Gregson and Kristina Ricco. Generous support provided by Carnegie Mellon Qatar and Qatar Foundation. Concept and software design by over,under, inc.


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