Islamicjerusalem Studies is a field of study that uses interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches. Not only history but also archaeology, architecture, geography, politics and Islamic Studies are embedded within this field. The framework thus established includes “theoretical and conceptual, empirical and cultural approaches”, leading to “more constructive dialogue between scholars in several disciplines”. This has been reflected in the various interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies which have been conducted and published in this field. An example where the disciplines of architecture, archaeology and history were applied in a historical study is Haitham al-Ratrout»s monograph of the architectural development of Al-Aqsa Mosque in the early Islamic Period. This monograph explores historical and archaeological evidence, architectural characteristics and proportional relationships and deals with the topic from three different perspectives: theoretical and exegetical, practical and analytical. It is in itself innovative, shedding new light on this complex topic and laying down the foundation for further research, which advanced to further discoveries regarding the ancient places of worship, and the establishment of similarities in their architectural form and plans. Another example where the application of an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach can enrich and offer a different perspective is Maher Abu-Munshar's Islamic Jerusalem and its Christians: A History of Tolerance and Tensions. Here the application of methodologies developed in Islamic Studies leads to a better understanding of how Muslims dealt with non-Muslims in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. This topic had often been studied but without taking into account the theological dimension. Once one adds this dimension and engages with the Quranic, hadith and juridical sources one can understand the ways in which Muslims dealt with the People of the Book in general and in the specific case of Jerusalem. This study will present this relatively new field of study and the latest research on this filed, showing how interdisciplinarity can have a substantial impact on the way we understand history, geography, archaeology, architecture amongst other disciplines. This paper focuses on the case of Islamicjerusalem where much misconceptions, misreading and contradictions have emerged out of either ignorance or part of a political and religious agenda. Therefore three pioneering studies from different disciplines (architecture, history and geography) will be presented to show how studies within this field are enriched through the use of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies.


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