The present research aims to estimate and compare the prevalence of bullying among high school students, and their relationship with diligence at school. To achieve the purpose of this research was chosen intended sample selected from high school containing 900 students in Tlemcen –Algeria-, including 406 boys and 496 girls aged between 15 and 17 years old, were sampled on the random basis. Data collection tools were an (School Health Promotion: School efficiency and Bullying). The results indicated that the prevalence of bullying inside schools within the limits of 10% and 16%. The boy's students in high schools are more violent than girls. The forms of bullying widespread among students are psychological forms as name-calling, humiliation or offensive teasing and being ignored or excluded from a circle of friends. In addition, bullying is related negatively to diligent at school (r = −  0.43, p <  0.001). Students who were bullied become less efficient, they get low marks, have difficulties in concentration and attention, do not participate in school activities, and absent from school. Based on the findings, the study will proposed some recommendation and preventive measures to mitigate the impact of bullying among high school students the importance of a program based on education to develop diligent at school and the wellbeing of students.


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