The current research aimed at evaluating the value-added of the summer enrichment programs on the performance of gifted students at primary school. The subjects consisted of (144) students from the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, those students who participated in the Summer Enrichment Program of AlBushra National school in Mecca in the summer of 2013. The researcher studied the performance of students by using four variables (academic orientation, practical cognitive processes, emotional social traits, and moral sensitivity) which are the main objectives of the Enrichment programs. The researcher administrated the academic trends scale, the applied cognitive processes scale, the emotional social traits scale, and the moral sensitivity scale after calculating their psychometric characteristics on the students before and after the program. The results showed the presence of three clusters of differentiated (low performance, average performance, and high performance) among the participating students according to their start point (their prior knowledge) on the research variables. The results revealed that the program had a statistically significant impact on the dimensions of the academic trends, applied cognitive processes, emotional social traits, and moral sensitivity variables among students in the three clusters. Moreover, the results showed that the effect size of the summer enrichment program was high on all the major dimensions of the students in the three clusters except the dimensions of (academic interest crystallization, and academic self-efficacy), as it was mediate for high performance students. Additionally, the results indicated the effectiveness of the program in helping low performance students to gain more value-added than the average performance students and high performance students. Furthermore, the program help average performance students to gain more value-added than the high performance students. Results were discussed in the light of research literature and suggest some recommendations related to the results of the research topic. Keywords: Assessment of value-added, performance of gifted students


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