The role of forgiveness in building social harmony in modern society One may ask, what is the purpose of having different religions globally? Religions are meant to promote peaceful feelings, and stabilize the society. As a result, we find that most, if not all, the religions offer a great deal of wisdom and guidance when it comes to purifying the heart from all sorts of worldly malevolence. Finding ways to nourish and cleanse our hearts is essential and eventually causes the heart to be harmonious and peaceful. Forgiveness is step one to turning the heart into a peaceful masterpiece. A person will see that the concept of forgiveness has a multitude amount of significances. When forgiving, a person forgoes any hostility in their heart. That ultimately yields a productive and a wholehearted environment within the society. It pushes the society to be a lot more cohesive and friendly. Additionally, it leads to happiness as well, since forgiveness emanates from deep below a person's heart. Islam is a great example of a religion that tackles the idea of forgiveness beautifully. Forgiveness starts from the creator who promises limitless forgiveness to his creations. He names himself The Merciful, The Forgiving, and The Most Compassionate. The creator sets a wonderful example for his creations to follow. He asks his believers to ponder upon the essence of his names so that they can learn from the insights each name carries. A believer must act upon his lord's attributes. If you expect forgiveness, then you should practice forgiveness. In order to be forgiven by your God, you must be forgiving to the creation of God. One cannot deny that forgiveness helps build a cordial society. Conflict is inevitable in any society; therefore, encompassing a forgiving, forbearing heart can be the solution to dissolving such conflicts. Mutual forgiveness is what will keep a society in tact. This study aims at finding the role that religion plays in establishing a strong, cooperative society by utilizing one of the most potent tools: forgiveness. Moreover, this study will indefinitely prove that forgiveness is potentially the most effective method to establishing a profound community. That latter is due to the belief that our life is being architected solely in and within our hearts. Keywords: religions, forgiveness, society, community, creation, God, harmony, happiness, conflict, stability.


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