Volume 2005, Issue 1
  • ISSN: 0253-8253
  • EISSN: 2227-0426


One of the critical decisions during the preparative assessment of a patient who will have a breast reconstruction is whether a flap transfer will he necessary to supplement the anterior chest wall tissue. In our practice the material of choice for breast reconstruction is autologous tissue. The latissimus dorsi muscle flap (LDMF) is the most commonly used autogenous tissue flap for breast reconstruction. Few reports exist fro its use in oncologic breast surgery. The authors present 115 patients who underwent LDMF reconstruction to correct volume and contour abnormalities. This retrospective study demonstrates a method of breast reconstruction used LDMF as delayed reconstruction. This methods was used for patients who were diagnosed as having Stage 0, Stage 1 or Stage 2 breast cancer. This study covers a period of 12 years.


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