Proceedings of the 24th World International Traffic Medicine Association Congress, Qatar 2015
  • ISSN: 2223-0440
  • EISSN:


• Cite worldwide research & statistics on motor vehicle collisions (number of deaths, injuries and primary cause of road incidences). • Explain the concepts of defensive driving (which was pioneered and developed by the National Safety Council in 1964) • Discuss distracted driving (e.g., use of cell phones or texting while driving) which has joined speeding and alcohol as one of the 3 leading factors in fatal and serious injury crashes • Benefits of managing work-related road safety and the need to promote safe driving practices and a positive safety culture at work. • Explain why the adoption and enforcement of traffic laws appears inadequate in many countries (subtopics include excessive speed, seat-belt use, drinking and driving, use of motorcycle helmets, and use of child restraints in a vehicle).


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