Proceedings of the 24th World International Traffic Medicine Association Congress, Qatar 2015
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Background: Traffic injury is a major risk factor among children • Traffic injury is a leading cause of injuries among Chinese children aged 0 to 14.1 • Nowadays, family car ownership has reached 60 million in China2 Objectives: • Raise the public awareness on child passenger safety and correct usage of car seats, especially among parents through multi-sectorial collaboration Methods: • Introduce global evidence-based safety messages and technology into China • Maximize limited resources to enhance the program impact by collaboration with multi-sectors Results: • Public Awareness - Launched an ad by collaboration of Shanghai Police and had the ad aired on all the bus lines in Shanghai - Held media events with a private sector support, advocating in-and around the car safety for children, which gained 121 media reports • Education to parents and children - Educational curriculum was developed for education to parents and children by a support from a private sector - The curriculum was delivered to over 1000 kindergarten teachers • Correct usage of the car seat - “Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)” course was introduced into China, with 34 technicians in China now - With supports from Police, CDC, Education Bureau and a hospital, we held 4 check events, checked over 40 cars. - Four car seat check stations were set-up. Conclusion: With the multi-sectorial collaboration, we were able to have the ad to the public with free of charge, to have the curriculum covering all Shanghai kindergartens and to have the car seat check station set-up, too. Reference: 1. NCNCD Child of China CDC, Safe Kids China, Injury Prevention Promotion, 2012. 2. People's Health Publishing House, NCNCD of China, Safe Kids China, Child Passenger Safety, 2014


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