Proceedings of the 24th World International Traffic Medicine Association Congress, Qatar 2015
  • ISSN: 2223-0440
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Objective: This study aims to evaluate the effects of standardization processes in improving severe trauma treatments in China. Methods: This study was conducted in 12 hospitals located in 12 geographically and industrially different cities in China. A standard process on severe trauma rescue was established as a general rule for staff training and patient treatment. A regional network (system) efficiently integrating pre-hospital rescue, emergency room treatments, and hospital specialist treatments was built under the rule for information sharing and improving severe trauma treatments. Treatment outcomes were compared between before and one year after the implementation of standardization processes. Results: The outcomes of a total of 74,615 and 12051 cases of severe trauma were collected from 12 hospitals before the implementation of standardization processes. Implementation of the standardization processes led to efficient cooperation and information sharing of different treatmen services. The emergency response time, pre-hospital transit time, emergency rescue time, consultation call time, and mortality rate of patients were 24.24±4.32、45.69±3.89、6.38±1.05、17.53±0.72 minutes, and 33.82±3.87%, n=441,respectively before the Implementation of the standardization and significantly reduced to 10.11±3.21、22.39±4.32、3.26±0.89、3.45±0.45 minutes, and20.49±3.11 %, seperatly, n=495, (P<0.05) after that. Conclusion: Staff training and standardization processes can significantly improve the treatment efficiency of severe trauma based on current personnel and organizations of severe trauma treatments in China.


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