Proceedings of the 24th World International Traffic Medicine Association Congress, Qatar 2015
  • ISSN: 2223-0440
  • EISSN:


Significant reductions in road trauma among young drivers could be achieved if they drove safer vehicles. Parents are likely to play a critical role in the access, timing of vehicle purchase, available budget, and vehicle choice for the young driver’s first vehicle. However, little attention has been directed to understanding the most effective communication strategies to encourage young drivers and their parents to purchase and use safe vehicles. This study was undertaken to examine existing strategies in Australia and provide recommendations for improving communication initiatives. A two-staged study was undertaken including in-depth consultation with representatives from key road safety stakeholders groups to identify current initiatives, and development of conceptual model to identify current and potential improvements to communication strategies. The findings of the consultation phase showed that a sporadic and un-coordinated approach was used regarding the promotion of key messages for purchase and use of safe vehicles and there was some suggestion that the communication medium, content and message style may not reach the target audience in the most effective way. Stakeholder representatives were unanimous in the argument that parents play an integral role. A conceptual framework was developed, depicting key stakeholders in Australia and the various interactions across stakeholders. This was instrumental in identifying areas where effective communicative initiatives and resources could be considered to increase the purchase and use of safe vehicles, including development of a widespread and accessible website and inclusion of vehicle safety choices in young driver education and training programs. The results of the study suggest that a National Framework that co-ordinates government and non-government activities and initiatives aimed at encouraging the purchase and usage of safer vehicles by parents and young drivers should be developed. The methodology can be applied to other countries to develop similar communication campaigns.


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