The Qatar Genome Programme (QGP) is an ambitious project promoting the implementation of genomic medicine in Qatar. The project has an overarching mission including developing guidelines and policies, encouraging research collaborations, building a national genomic data infrastructure, investing in local talent; and promoting the integration of genomics within the national healthcare system. The first phase of the project started in September 2015, with the objective of unraveling the genetic map of the local population. More than 18,000 whole genomes have been sequenced since then. Qatar Genome fosters local genomic research by direct funding as well as by facilitating the formation of research consortia to analyze the big data it produces. QGP also plays an important role in training local young researchers through internships and workshops in addition to two new graduate programs established in collaboration with local partner universities. Furthermore, QGP have performed national surveys to gauge public and professional attitudes and awareness levels on precision medicine. The outcomes of these surveys will guide the design of future phases of the project to fit the specific requirements of the Qatari population. The focus of Qatar Genome in the near future will move in the direction of introducing more precision medicine practices into the local health care system. National level partnerships are built between major local stakeholders and early implementation projects are launched to show the impact of precision medicine on patients.


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