The photovoltaic (PV) pumping system is widely used in Mauritania to ensure steady water supply in rural areas to meet the population need. This system is composed of three main parts: The PV Generator (PVG), impedance matching (DC/DC Power Convert), and the hydraulic part (coupling of a PMDC motor and a centrifugal pump).

Two mathematical motor pump models for PV application, were proposed in this work to contribute in the studies of PV pumping sizing. These models link directly the operating water current to the voltage and the electrical power to the flow rate of the pump versus total head.

In this work, we study the simulation in Matlab/ Simulink to mimic the environment and the characteristics of a PV pumping system (submersible pump case). The three parts quoted for an overview of the performance of the system, taking into account the climate parameters (solar irradiance, and ambient temperature), and the effect of the total manometric head (HMT) on the pumped flow rate. The improved models yielded satisfactory results. In order to validate the simulation, we use the meteorological data of Rosso city, which is a region of southern Mauritania.


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