For the sake of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing significantly to climate change mitigation, many researchers and experts endeavored to enhance the research and development in renewable energies as an inescapable solution to lower the use of conventional power generation resources. Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy being one of the important green alternatives has increased interest in recent years [1]. Nonetheless, its dependence on the environmental conditions hinders PV researchers to carry out their experiences at the desired weather parameters of temperature (T) and solar insolation (G), beside the inefficiency and the less flexibility of using real PV modules with controllable light source to perform tests of PV algorithms such as Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) techniques, microgrid and energy storage mechanisms[2], [3]such as the maximum power point tracking (MPPT. Thus, PV array emulator has been invented to deal with these impediments and to substitute efficiently the use of actual PV modules in laboratory tests by producing similar PV characteristics and replicating the electrical behavior of PV sources [2]such as the maximum power point tracking (MPPT. Beside emulating PV modules under varying climatic conditions, the emulation of PV array under partial shading conditions becomes a crucial field of research especially for the purpose of using PV array emulator for the validation of Global Maximum Power Point Tracking (GMPPT) techniques, which are considered nowadays as a big challenge for PV researchers [4], [5]. This paper attempts to design a PV source emulator based essentially on DC-DC buck converter in the power part and Look-Up-Table (LUT) technique with an adaptive Proportional Integrator (PI) controller in the control part as depicted in figure 1. The emulation system is able to emulate accurately the PV array under partial shading conditions.


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