Partial Shading Conditions (PSCs) decreases the output power from photovoltaic (PV) arrays and represents multiple Maximum Power Points (MPPs) on output characteristics P-V, due to mismatching power losses between the PV panels. The main aim of this paper is to model, simulate, and enhance the performance of two PV array configurations. The two configurations are: Total Cross Tied (TCT) and a proposed configuration: Magic Square View (MSV), both of the size of 9 x 9 PV array [1-3] which is 81 PV modules in the total considered for this study under Short Wide shading patterns in order to extract the maximum power. The investigation of the enhancement of PV array configurations is carried out with regard to the comparison of the Global peak of outlet power (GP) of the proposed topology and TCT configuration. The parameters of the PV array configurations are performed in MATLAB/Simulink software.


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