As the world embarks on the implementation of the 2030 development agenda and discuss the metrics that will allow a proper monitoring and evaluation, one of the embarrassing questions is “who have been left behind the MDGs agenda and why”? and “where the focus should be for a proper Agriculture Sustainable Development?” Several analysis show that those poor who have not been reached by past efforts to improve incomes and food security are those living with one or more types of marginality. Mostly smallholders confined into biophysical and/or social-economic marginalities. To lift these populations and communities out of poverty, innovative technologies and methodologies are required. These innovations should focus on crop diversification, efficient inputs management, and better postharvest transformation. In that perspective, Neglected and underutilized species, also known as “Orphan crops”, will be crucial not only for achieving 0 hunger and 0 poverty (SDG1-SDG2) but also for a better Nutrition Security (SDG3).


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