Climatic changes exert additional pressure on biodiversity, the impacts on native species include changes in distribution, and abundance. As well as the spread of exotic invasive . This research aimed to surveying, evaluating the current status of trees in the State of Qatar, collecting seeds, determination seeds viability and conservation in the Qatar gene bank for short and long term-conservation. Three different sites were studied considered for natural distribution of trees in Qatar. Gene bank playing a vital role to survey, conservation and documentation of biodiversity of plant genetic resources of the flora of Qatar, international standard methods were used to conserving including seed bank, DNA bank, and herbarium. The results of our study indicated that the distributed in 3 main sites in the state of Qatar the first site in al ghafat “rawdat rashed” a stand of 7 trees, the trees very endangered by the hyper-arid stress, and over grazing. The second group in north of Qatar “rawdat makin or ghafat makin” this site have sporadic 11 trees in good growing conditions, but trees have threatened by exotic invasive and human activities. The third site on the road from north road to Al Zubarah historical site after 5.4 Km from Al-Ghwoyriyah, we recorded 7 small trees on this site with high threatened by community. The results showed the seeds that have been collected from north of Qatar from rawdat ghafat makin with high quality in the seed size, weight of 100 seeds, number of seeds in the legume, and seed showed with high germination percentage 98% after treatment with mechanical scarification by removing part of the seed coat. Long-term monitoring “2012–2016” of rawdat ghafat makin vegetation showed a general decline in the coverage and frequency of some native species and deterioration in wild ghaf , on the other hand, we record rapidly growing of the invasive plant , increased number of seedlings, increased of plant distribution and plant cover of the soil. Finally, we recommended removing and protect in studied site in north of Qatar, based on our study results we got a permit from minister of ministry of municipality and environment to protect ghafat makin site.


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