Sustainable or green architecture is a general term describing the environmentally conscious design techniques in the field of architecture, which is a way of designing buildings. In a way it respects the environment, by reducing energy consumption, materials and resources while minimizing the effect of construction and its use on the environment, organizing the relationship with nature.

There is an important role to be played in long-term sustainability in everyday life. There are many ways for saving energy in all areas of life; for example, we can find a way to use the energy generated by the sport machines that save energy.

In this paper, we discuss the importance of designing gyms in a way that it saves energy, while working on spreading this type of gyms in all sustainable green buildings and making it one of the basic products for energy. For the success of this project and design, we must urge the human side to exercise.

What are the ingredients to be used for the success of this design?

What are the methods of awareness and goodness for using gyms as a daily use?

Data on sustainable design were collected from published scientific research during the last five years, and applied the information obtained to design a sustainable gym.

After studying numerous subjects about energy-saving and its importance especially in the gyms at sustainable green buildings, we concluded that the sport machines should be linked to power generators to convert kinetic energy to electrical energy to be used in these buildings. We get a sustainable green building using the human resource. The importance of sustainable design lies in designing gyms through energy-saving and productivity of sport equipment to provide a healthy and athletic environment within the gyms.


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