Technocore is the brand name of PVC multi-layer pipes manufactured and marketed by Hepworth under the license of Wavin. Technocore is a PVC pipe made up of three layers, which improves the durability of pipes more significantly than conventional pipes with solid wall construction. The secret lies in the new and ground-breaking microcellular foaming (MCF) technology from Wavin. A uniform middle layer construction based on many small-sized cells of ≤  50 microns ensures increased mechanical properties of the pipe combined with the inner and outer layer ‘sandwich’ construction of virgin raw material, resulting in a pipe that exceeds all the requirements for durability despite its lower weight. The Wavin multi-layer technology has been used successfully for more than 25 years. Due to modern technology, existing pipe systems can be re-engineered to comply with new requirements and continuously rising standards that enter new markets (which replace conventional materials), dedicate functionality for each individual layer, improve the characteristics of the total pipe, and achieve environmental and sustainable advantages (CSR) The cell structure of the core of the pipes reduces the weight of the pipes. Less weight means less emissions and a more sustainable future. There are other indirect environmental factors. For example, lower weight means less CO emissions during transport, as well as reduced CO consumption during recycling, reuse and disposal. A lead-free system can create a healthy working condition and protects the environment. When using new technologies, less virgin raw materials (e.g. PVC resin) are required, which make them environmental-friendly and sustainable products when compared with conventional products. All the Wavin ML-PVC products are in line with EU lead-free legislation and therefore contribute to a better HSE policy and CSR aspects. They are stimulated and supported by TEPPFA. The Wavin ML-PVC technology enables producers to participate in voluntary programs such as Vinyl-Plus (following the successful Vinyl 2000 program) Wavin and Hepworth. ML-PVC products are rated as a ‘greener’ product compared with conventional products, which enables Wavin Group and Hepworth to win tenders in many EU countries as well as in the Middle East, for example Estidama in Abu Dhabi and potentially QNBN in Doha, Qatar.


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