Sustainability is one of the most important issues today. It could be achieved when all its factors could be managed and achieved effectively with full knowledge, strategic focus, and a balance of competing interests.

Micro-sustainability focuses on small environmental actions that collectively result in a large environmental impact. It encourages sustainable changes through “change agents”, i.e. individuals who are instrumental in bringing a change; therefore, they foster positive environmental action inside their sphere of influence. Examples of micro-sustainability include recycling, turning off unused lights, programming thermostats for efficient use of energy, reducing water usage, reduce waste and consumption.

Attentive design and planning is very crucial in any production process. Especially in the construction industry, a lot of time and effort is spent on measuring and analysing how any new construction will interact with materials and environmental conditions and a lot of information management is required for the whole process. In the last few years, the construction industry has gone digital, and technology has created a new process tool.

Building information modelling and management has become mandatory to achieve a sustainable construction process and product. New concepts such as EcoBIM have been recently introduced and applied in the construction market. EcoBIM software allows architects and engineers to digitally simulate different construction elements and understand how specific changes in design or construction models will have an impact on other variables. EcoBIM has especially improved the sustainable planning for building life cycle (cradle to grave).

EcoBIM helps to achieve micro-sustainability through BIM tools and management process, which in turn help in accurate design and construction analysis for efficient design and construction for efficient use of energy, reducing water usage, waste and consumption, etc.


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