Qatar is an emerging renewable energy market in the MENA region and has made progress in recent years. The natural gas-rich state has abundant solar energy resources and a national vision to generate 2% of its electricity from solar energy by 2020. A number of green businesses in Qatar are operating at different segments of the solar value chain. However, deployment of residential and commercial solar PV in Qatar still remains very low. One reason for this is the lack of incentives for the public and businesses to adopt solar energy technologies because of the high capital cost and high per kWh price as compared to the utility power. This study proposes the use of the roof rental business model by green businesses in Qatar as a method for increasing public support for solar in Qatar and generating income for green businesses. The study reviews the current status of solar energy deployment in Qatar and the major business players in the solar value chain. The roof rental business model is discussed in detail and recommendations are given on how to implement it. The study also addresses the feed-in-tariff incentive as an essential pillar in the roof rental business model. Finally, this study concludes that the roof rental business model can create massive public support for solar energy in Qatar provided that the feed-in-tariff policy is implemented.


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