This paper presents the value of people and sustainable minds in Lean transformation for achieving green business development. Human resources management is one of the main reasons for the success or failure of organizations. Therefore, adding value to their work processes and eliminating waste will reflect on the profit of the whole firm, and will accordingly reflect on the development and sustainability of the whole construction industry. The role of human resources in implementing a new process is not only at work but in people's lives as well by changing their mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors sustaining the continuous improvement. This research is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part will explain Lean concept definition, values and wastes, benefits, challenges faced, and steps for successful implementation. It will also provide a clear vision on how to choose Lean champions and Lean coordinators at any organization. The practical part will present a case study for a successful Lean transformation in a design/construction firm, showing the effect of implementing Lean on people's minds, behavior, and work attitudes and how it affects projects, as well showing the roles and responsibilities of different human resources in that Lean transformation and a clear method and steps for Lean implementation in construction organizations based on a company's experience and observations reducing wastes and adding value to every single work process within the organization achieving the three-part goal of better, cheaper, and faster projects.


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