This paper outlines the development of a cement-free structural concrete known as Cemfree. From concept through to laboratory testing and large-scale field trials, this paper focusses on the scale-up of the technology and the advances in sustainable and durable construction that this innovative material allows.Such concretes are produced using conventional materials, equipment and practices, except that it is now possible to produce structural-grade concrete using a highly sustainable, highly durable alternative binder in place of conventional Portland cement - this binder is known as Cemfree Binder.This paper details the results and data recorded during our internal lab investigations and subsequent field trials; as well as the results and findings of other parties who have had access to the material for independent testing and evaluation.The Cemfree concept has been recognised by Shell in their Springboard Awards 2013, and by Crossrail as Innovation #001 in their Innov18 programme. Cemfree is set to radically change our approach to sustainable construction without the need to change or modify any of our fundamental working practices.


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  • Received: 22 April 2015
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