Insight and live case studies to show performance and actual uses in the field, along with an outline how energy performance contracting, technology and engineering is being applied in the UAE to help the country retrofit 30,000 buildings by 2020 and reduce the countrywide power demand by 30% over the period; and how Doha can reap large energy capacity, generation, distribution and cost savings by implementing policy with targeted goals and enforcement. Insight into how BIM is being used for a variety of energy efficiency, performance contracting and energy management projects to help the energy consumption and demand of the building sector to be reduced by up to 50% shared savings retrofit models that require no capital cost to the owner. It will offer an opportunity to see how building information is helping to streamline work during planning, implementation, documentation and operation of Energy Performance Contracting, commissioning and energy management projects. This includes energy modeling and analysis, visualization, energy reporting, measurement and verification through BIM, while organizing building data of existing buildings. A brief discussion about how building data from existing buildings (drawings, O&M manuals, maintenance logs) can be organized using BIM to better suit facilities managers, owners and operators of buildings.


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  • Received: 22 April 2015
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