Historically, writing has taken a backseat to reading. In the 21st Century, the writing process and six traits are seen by many teachers and students as slow and tedious in comparison to the latest technology that is available. The Language Experience Approach has been documented (L.Lamoreaux and D. Lee, 1943; Huey, 1908; Smith, 1967, Nessel & Jones, 1981; Tompkins, 2003; Vacca, Gove, Burkey, Lenhart, & McKeon, 2002) and discussed for years to enhance students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. Educators have also advocated the value of LEA for English language learners (ELL), including elementary, secondary, and adult ELLs (Dixon & Nessel, 1983; Dorr, 2006; Nelson & Linek, 1999; Wurr, 2002). The teachers from Al Jazeera Academy in Qatar will be trained in the LEA to improve writing. They will learn to use their student’s vocabulary, language patterns, and background of experiences to create reading text through the writing process and the Six Traits of writing. The teachers will mediate the students so that the process of writing will become especially meaningful and enjoyable. The teacher’s perception will be assessed in a pre and post survey. It is the expectation that the teacher’s understanding of the writing process and six traits will crystalize. Student’s engagement in and motivation towards writing will increase. The LEA will impact student’s writing.


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  • Received: 30 April 2015
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