Teaching English language through performance is one way of teaching that help students to gain several useful skills. Study skills, social and communication skills and cultural expression awareness are three basic skills that drama could enhance students with. Through a sample of 45 students from Sultan Qaboos University, this study conducted to study the extent to which drama enhances teaching English in Oman. Importantly the study investigates that Omani students have as similar attitude toward learning through drama as what other research stated. The students consider drama as a good source, which improves their language skills, encourages them to communicate and helps them to know more about other cultures. However, the study shows that there are some problems encountered by language teachers while teaching through drama such as: Teachers are not having enough background and training in drama and the lack of well designed pedagogic materials that can be used by language teachers. Nevertheless, this study suggests several solutions to avoid the challenges which are providing education students with a course that guide them in teaching through drama, more workshops and lectures are needed to master this technique of teaching and to start apply it in a wider range. Moreover, more research in different educational institutions in Oman is needed to have a better scope on teaching language through drama in Oman.


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  • Received: 30 April 2015
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