This research paper explains the development of a mobile based system for learning English as second language for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Android tablets, and other smart mobile devices. This is a multi-disciplinary type of research consisting of 3 distinct components or phases. First, HTML5 and jQuery Javascript library was used to develop this multimedia based learning system that delivers a lesson in text, pictures, and audio format. The multimedia based lessons were placed on a server that could be accessed by any PC or smart mobile phones and tablets that support JavaScript library with access to WiFi or 3G networks. Second, thirty English lessons were developed for this system, the English lessons were developed with the assistant of some English lecturers. Finally, university students at Assumption University tried out this system using their mobile devices for a period of 6 weeks. A survey questionnaire was used to evaluate the effectiveness, usability, and students’ satisfaction of this system. This paper explains development process of the mobile based mobile learning system and its outcomes.


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