With the massive increase in using mobile devices among individuals of all social backgrounds, the question of how these mobile devices may enhance learning arise. Smart smartphones and the most recent tablet computers have all sustained the vision and potentials of using mobile devices in education and learning. The unprecedented popularity of these devices among teenage learners both in high schools and university level encourages all researchers and educators to explore their influence on learning among individuals and groups. In this research project, students will explore the potentials of using mobile devices and new tablet technologies to sustain students' acquisition of listening and speaking skills in English as a second language (ESL). They will highlight the key features in these modern devices that support these language skills. This investigation process aims to identify possible educational mobile features such as mobile applications developed by other users, mobile collaboration applications over wireless connection, language games, synchronous and asynchronous technologies for optimum use of these devices particularly by tertiary level students in a positive and rather educational manner.


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